Furniture Financing – Rent to Own

Are you looking for furniture but you have bad credit? A few missed payments can easily cause your credit score to drop. As you have no doubt discovered, lowering your credit score is significantly easier than raising it. Less than perfect credit can be incredibly frustrating if you are looking for furniture financing for your home. Rent or lease to own companies offer a payment plans for those who have poor credit.

Rent or lease to own companies require very little information from you to begin financing. A rental application will be required to fill out. Next, you will need a bill to verify address, a recent payment stub to verify income and place of employment, and several personal references. Most rent or lease to own companies require no money down and will offer interest free options for up to six months. They often also offer pay out early options. A pay out early option saves you on the high interest rates that rent or lease to own companies tack onto their merchandise. Perhaps you need new furniture now, but know that you have a bonus or income taxes coming to you in the future. If this is the case, you can begin the process of furniture finance now and then pay it off in the near future. When signing a contract for rent or lease to own furniture it is important to read the fine print. Most companies will visit your home and retrieve the merchandise if a payment is not made. If for some reason you face a financial hardship for a week or two, it is beneficial to speak with a store manager about the situation. Many times the company will offer forgiveness for a few weeks while your financial standing is improved.

Finding furniture financing is easier than you may think. Many companies now showcase their furniture options on their websites. This gives you the option to view the furniture you like and apply for online furniture financing. By applying for financing online you can feel comfortable not being embarrassed by your less than perfect credit. A few poor credit choices in the past are no reason to not enjoy the finer things in life like new furniture for your home. While furniture can be expensive, rent or lease to own companies can offer you affordable monthly payments for the furniture you like. Now anyone can dress their home with rent to own companies.

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